Anti-Algorithm Way To Build Successful Online Presence & Why You Should Prefer This Method

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Before moving forward In-Short to build an engaging online presence all you need to have is

  1. A Website
  2. A Whole Lot Of Valuable Contents
  3. An Email List (OR Any Other Data)
  4. A Community Group
  5. A Pocket Full Of Money To Derive Audience From Online Giants Platform (Google, Facebook Etc) to Your Space.

We know nobody got time in this ERA! We are all in a hurry to make something Big, no matter if it’s online or offline.

 But to build something enormous all you need is a wider reach among engaging audiences who’ll be remembering you and making you from Known to Renowned.

 Now coming back to building an online community, you must be thinking and trying to make an impact on various social media platforms or trying to get potential results from Search Engines mostly via SEO.

 But, every now and then, the changes in Algorithms stopping you from reaching your potentials leading to the failure of impactful content engagement and execution done by you.

 In the end, you end up paying some amount of bucks to gain some reach and momentum that leads to not getting leads and that pave the way to non-potential reach with no valuable outcome.

 Well, No Worries.

 What if we told you that there’s a way, a method to build an engaging community online that will definitely provide you with the valuable outcome and potential followers.

 And on top of that, It Won’t Even Get Affected By Algorithm Updates.

 Let us drive you through Potential Steps For Making A Potential Reach Online and how to build an engaging online community.

Step 1: Have A Dynamic & Interactive Website or at at least A Super Eye Catcher Landing Page

The utmost thing that matters the most is how people will be looking at you i.e your Website a.k.a Your Own Platform.

 Now you must be thinking website mean SEO!

No! having a website does not only mean relying on SEO, it also comes with various benefits and it’s the FIRST STEP towards building an effective online presence.

 This is the place where people will know what you are and what you can provide people with whether in terms of your services or your persona.

 Having a Dynamic website providing various CTA (Call To Actions) and making people do something on your space and letting them stay for a little longer (Like You Are Reading This Blog Now, hehe) will generate trust among them. And some of them might wanna know more about you or get in touch with you.

 Even if you are out of budget, go for an attractive landing page that covers all the aspects required to know your business/service better.

Step 2: Create Lead Magnets

People need a reason to stay with or they must get a glimpse of what you are.

 Why not provide them with valuable content for free!

 Lead magnets are basically, a content or a thing to provide which in exchange get you with data.

 Data is the most prominent thing in online industry. If you have enormius amount of data related to your own needs theres nothing stopping you to create an imapct in online world.

 Lead Magnets are a great way to empower you online success. There are multiple types of lead magnets you can provide in form of a E-Book, An Informative Infographics or An Effective Checklist and vice versa.

Step 3: Create An Online Place For Your Community

By online group we mean a place where your people can have chit chat with one another, share their insights, their opinion sometimes a solution to a problem from which you can also benefit it from.

 And it also pave the way for you to interact with your audience with one direct medieum.

 You can create a group on Whatsapp or Telegram, And if all going well you can create a place of your own like you’ll be building a community with your rules with further upcoming steps.

Step 4: Use Known Platforms To Get Yourself A Renowned Platform

Now you are all set with the place that you have build to let your audience drive through.

 Time to take revenge!

 So Long it has take you to gain certain amount of follwers and engagement on those platforms and all you end up paying them to get some.

 This time put your money at the right place.

 Create a funnel (Step By Step Actions Of A User) and spent some buck on each of them accordingly to get the work done.

Step 5: Generate Exceptional Email List (Or Any Form Of Data)

Managing a relevant data of your users is a great way to gain potential outcomes.

 When you get data inputs from running several campaigns (Paid and Organic) your motto should be to collect one connection oriented data that can be useful to re-target that particular persona and get in front of their eyesight to get them to your place.

 he effective data that everyone comprises is E-Mails.

 Who does not have emails today. Every person comprises of an E-Mail address.

 Working on Email marketing and strategizing content properly will do a great good in building an online community.

Step 6: Your Platform Your Rule

Now till this point you know how to manipulate audience to your online space.

 Weather you have a group on a messenger app or on your own community space.

 It will work as you want it. All the thing will be processed by you.

 Your set of principles. People will only remember your Name.

 People have come to this point because of you and the value that you have provided to them.

 You will find a way to monetize it though as now its surely termed as a successful engaging community.

Step 7: Content Matters The Most So As The Value It Derives

People are content seekers when it comes to surfing the web.

 Everyones online behaviour consist of a place where they could find something valuable.

 Even the videos they watch, the image they see and the blogs the read (Like This One) have a certain aspect that lead them to here.

 So of you are having several people in your community, try to provide them with something valuable.

 Keep providing them with valuable feed. Retain your trust with them as long as you can with value aspects.

 Even if you didn’t get this point just remember three magical words “Content Is King”.

Step 8: Handle With Utmost Care

Last but not the least step is to take complete responsibility.

Theres no doubt that engaging community comes with managerial responsibility.

You have to take care of community as if they are part of your blood line.

 Treat everyone according to their perspective.

 Do not let the trust on you of them go downgrade.

 As you give your community value they will get your business / persona valuable.

 The Winning Price: Algorithm Aint Got No Chance

Now, we have provided you with the best practice to build community online. 

These crucial steps have a higher chance if implemented successfully to provide you with enormous amount of lead generation and engaging audience.

 And one thing that you won’t have to fear of is theres no fear of algorithm updates or impact of algorithm on your online built community.


As these steps are the great and effective ways to build online community, one can emerged a large interactive audience of their own particular niche and take the steps towards successful community building.

PS: This Blog has been inspired by the teachings of a great Digital Marketer and Mentor Digital Deepak.

 His Intership program has changed the persepectibe of many marketers towards living a successful life as an online business workhold.